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Sea of Green

Taken July 11th, 2010 while walking in a field near Oakham, Leicestershire


Extracting and making use of ANEW tables

The ANEW (Affective Norms for English Words) is a dataset that puts a valence, or mood to words. Using this (all be it from 1999) data, we can derive the mood of a body of text, such as a Tweet - however first things first, lets get the data into a usable form and learn how we can make use of it.


Seedy Sunset

Taken July 12th, 2010 in a field near Hextable, Kent.

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Twitter location filtering

During my daily visit to NewScientist, I came across an article detailing a researchers efforts to map the mood of the USA, based on data available through the Twitter Stream API. The method of determining the mood I will go into in another article - however for those who are interested you should look into Affective Norms for English Words - the aim of this article is to make available to us an easy to way to determine the bounding boxes for the locations filtering parameters required to filter the Twitter Stream by location, instead of keywords.